About Dr. Louden

I offer counseling and psychological services via teletherapy, helping adults in Texas meet their personal growth goals.

Dr. Linda Louden

My first career in technology sales cemented my certainty that I wanted to work with people, with a focus on what really matters to them.

So I took a leap of faith and left a paycheck for more education, earning Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas, though I’ll forever be a Longhorn at heart despite the damage inflicted by innumerable losing football seasons. I’ve been a practicing Licensed Psychologist in Texas since 2007.

As I love the energy and excitement of higher education, clear beginnings and endings, and new school supplies, I have worked primarily in universities with undergraduate and graduate students ranging from young adults to seasoned second- and third-career professionals.

I have held multiple leadership roles, provided psychologist training and supervision in an APA-accredited internship training program, and guest lectured for 18 years in the university setting. Taking the next step into private practice allows me to dive more deeply into clients’ needs and the concerns I’m passionate about.

In my spare time, you’ll find me reading novels and nonfiction related to all things psychology, fostering kittens, traveling to beautiful places, raising teens, cooking new things those teens don’t like, and staring out at the world from my screened-in porch in a frustrated attempt to meditate.