College students

Whether you’re in college for the first time or third time, navigating your education and life can be challenging.

Your Time to Be: Therapeutic approach

Therapy and counseling for college students

Undergraduate and graduate level college students arrive on campus with more needs for mental health care than ever before.

Universities often have counseling centers that do an outstanding job for them. However, most universities by necessity limit sessions in order to serve the most students possible, and that is not always a good fit for the individual student’s needs. I have extensive knowledge of higher education systems and how they function to support and stress students of all ages.

  • Adjustment to new independence as adult children
  • Relationship concerns with family, friends, romantic partners
  • Identity exploration including sexuality, faith, career, life purpose
  • Managing test anxiety and more rigorous academics
  • Perfectionism, motivation challenges, and navigating self and others’ high achievement expectations
  • Gaining new perspectives on family patterns
  • Balancing conflicting roles such as student, partner, parent, adult child, and employee
  • Trauma recovery