You are more than your roles, and all of you deserves care and encouragement.

Therapy and counseling for women

I have worked extensively with women across the course of the adult lifespan, from first-year college students through later life.

This background gives me a broad perspective on the many challenges women face and the ways our lives and the world around us can both empower and hinder us. Balancing our needs and the roles we take on with others is a life’s work in and of itself.

  • Identity development across life stages
  • Relationship issues and transitions
  • Educational and career goals and obstacles
  • Fertility concerns, pre-partum, and post-partum depression and anxiety
  • Parenting and mom burn out
  • Caring for aging parents as the “sandwich generation”
  • Managing multiple roles such as parent, partner, employee, adult child, friend, and volunteer
  • Trauma recovery
  • Perfectionism