Therapeutic approach

My approach to therapy is real, scientifically grounded, warm, and accessible.

Where do we go from here?

Being human is messy, complex, painful, and beautiful.

And if there’s anything we can count on in the years we have, it’s that we are constantly navigating what it means to adapt to what life brings our way. Some of this change is positive. Some of it is incredibly painful. Some we have control over. And some is thrust upon us in the most invasive and unfair ways imaginable.

My therapeutic approach is best described as scientifically grounded, trauma-informed, feminist, and integrative. Below is what that means in normal-person words.

My approach is…


We’re all individually impacted by our experiences, but authentic connection with someone can help us change for the better. I tailor my approach to you and your goals.



While I listen intently, I also talk with you, do not leave you hanging, and answer your questions. If I do leave you hanging or don’t answer your question, it’s intentional, you’ll know why, and I’ll be eager to hear how you feel about it.



I’m told I am warm and approachable, which is really important to me. I highly value humor and laughter as therapeutic tools.



As a PhD-trained psychologist, I am a “scientist-practitioner” and stay up to date on the latest psychological research to best serve you.



Psychological symptoms are not indications that we’re broken or sick, but are our logical efforts to adapt to pain and changes. Symptoms like depression or anxiety are signals that something different is necessary for us to live with more satisfaction and joy.


Healthcare providers and caregivers


Our experiences matter. Trauma changes us, and the long-term negative effects are significant. But post-traumatic growth is also a possibility, and my approach is dedicated to facilitating this.